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International Ice Hockey Australian Tour

The USA and Canada’s ice hockey teams took part in an exhibition ice hockey series in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in July 2014. The teams, which consisted of players from the National Hockey League (NHL) and the American Hockey League (AHL), battled it out in Australia’s biggest indoor arenas. With a total of 70.000 visitors this has been Australia’s largest sporting event in years. Ice-World International supplied the portable ice hockey floors complete with IIHF certified dashboard system. As value for money is a big consideration when it comes to arena hire, the foldable Ice-World aluminium ice floor does the job better than any other ice floor available on the market. The ice hockey rinks were ready to play in 36 hours. 18 hours after the game the arenas were ready to use for the next event.

Ice-World was also the supplier of the temporary ice hockey rinks for the US vs. Canada tours in New Zealand in 2011 and Australia in 2013.


Great job, I was so impressed with your complete ice hockey installation. The ice was some of the best ice I have ever skated on even in the National Hockey League in North America. For a portable installation I give full thumbs up, great job Ice-World!”

Kyle Quincey,
Detroit Red Wings defenceman

What is amazing is how fast and efficient the team from Ice-World put it all together and that we could have such good ice is a huge credit to their professionalism.”

John Graeheme,
winner of the Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay.

Semi-permanent Ice Hockey Rinks in London and Berlin

When the Streatham Ice Arena in London closed in December 2011 the local ice skaters and ice hockey teams needed an interim solution. Ice-World set up an ice hockey rink inside a temporary structure with all facilities and rink side seating.
It proved to be an affordable and professional home of Streatham’s ice skating and ice hockey teams until the new Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre opened in November 2013.

Starting in the winter season 2009/2010 the former airport Berlin Tempelhof became the temporary home for the ice hockey team ECC Preussen Berlin for a period of three years. As the same space was used mid-season for a trade fair quick assembly and dismantling was crucial. Only the Ice-World technology enabled a seamless transition between both events.

Ice Hockey in the Ballroom of the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, United States

The Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, didn’t want a permanent fixture, but rather one that could be installed and removed quickly. The mobile ice system of Ice-World is an innovative design that allows hockey games, public skating, and other events to take place with quick transition times in order to work with the Classic Center’s bevy of regularly scheduled conventions and trade shows. A very affordable alternative to a professional ice arena!


Outdoor mobile ice hockey rinks in Sweden

In 2012, more than 15.000 spectators came to watch reigning national champion Brynäs IF playing in a mobile outdoor arena specially build for this ice hockey game in Gävle, Sweden. Brynäs celebrated 100 years as a team.
This event was repeated in December 2013 in the Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Ice-World ice hockey rink turned out to be an excellent platform for these games.

It’s absolutely amazing, fantastic – we love it! The ice is very good and the facilities are marvellous. In fact it is one of the best rinks we have been to and this is even more amazing when you consider how quickly it was built. It’s an unbelievable achievement.”

Diane Towler-Green,
Ice Rink Head Coach Brixton, United Kingdom

I cannot begin to thank you enough for what I can only describe as making a dream come true. I want you to know that the ice system you have pioneered, and that you continue to perfect, allowed me to bring a viable ice system to The Classic Center. It is the professionalism, knowledge, and execution of all of the claims of the Ice-World system, along with the dedication and work ethic of all of you which has made the 20+ year vision of hockey in Athens a reality.”

John Hoos,
University of Georgia Hockey – Head Coach

Temporary Ice Hockey Rink

The Product

Our portable ice hockey rinks are becoming increasingly popular with clients who organize high-profile ice hockey events or are in need for a temporary professional ice hockey facility. The Ice-World mobile ice hockey rink meets all requirements of the official IIHF rules and regulations without burdening the investors or community with the high costs of a permanent ice arena. The rink is delivered complete with cooling equipment, referee and player boxes, penalty boxes and internationally recognised pitch-lines. It can be built on nearly any location in a less than two days, either outdoors or inside a permanent building or mobile structure. Should your own permanent ice hockey rink not meet the latest regulations and standards in technology anymore, we can upgrade the facility or supply a temporary, professional alternative.
  • A professional IIHF size aluminium ice hockey rink (60×30 m/197×98 ft) or NHL size ice hockey rink (200×85 ft/61×26 m) or custom-made sizes
  • Competition ready in 48 hours
  • Indoor and outdoor solutions
  • IIHF certified dashboard system available with PC, steelnet, or aluglass protection
  • Complete with ice paint and markings
  • Combination with existing infrastructure for other seasonal (summer) sports possible
  • Utilize only in skating season for maximum return on investment
  • Save up to 40% of energy compared to temporary floors made of EPDM rubber or PE
  • Ice resurfacing machines for professional ice treatment and other accessories available.

Photos of the Ice Hockey rink

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I’m truly impressed by the quality of ice,

Adam Sollitt,
Project Coordinator, International Ice Hockey Federation.

About us

Ice-World International is the leading global supplier of temporary skating facilities. The Dutch company was founded in 1992 and has supplied over 2.400.000 m² (25.800.000 sq. ft.) of mobile ice rink flooring since then. Customers in more than 40 countries on all continents have rented or purchased products from Ice-World. Next to the temporary ice hockey rink, Ice-World has produced the fastest mobile speed skating rink in the world, and manufactures ice floors for recreational skating, ice shows, bandy, and other ice sports.

Many times and in many different locations, Ice-World International has shown what it can do. In next to no time it can turn the unlikeliest of locations into a professional, full-size ice hockey rink.

  • Patented foldable aluminium ice rink floor
  • High quality ice up to 30°C/86°F at any location
  • ISO 14001 and 9001 certified
  • Own production in the Netherlands
  • Up to 40% less energy consumption than outdated EPDM rubber and PE systems
  • Carbon footprint offsetting through the purchase of wind energy certificates


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